Ixora X1 Perfume

Rich tones of Leather and fresh tones of Pachouli and White Musk.

AED 350.00
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The X1 Perfume from Ixora's perfume collection is a unique and sophisticated scent that is perfect for those who love rich and earthy fragrances, with Leather and White Musk providing a rich and grounding quality to the fragrance, while the fresh top notes of Patchouli adding a touch of liveliness and energy.

The addition of White Musk to the X1 Perfume adds a touch of cleanliness and sophistication to the scent, making it a perfect choice for both men and women. This element is a nod to the traditional musk perfumes of the past, but with a modern twist. The clean and musky notes balance out the rich leather and patchouli, resulting in a scent that is both rugged and refined.