Ultimate Lift Complete Range

AED 1,199.00 AED 1,499.00
توصيل مجاني داخل الامارات و السعودية

Why use Ultimate Lift Face Serum

• Tightens and lifts the skin
• Brightens and evens out the skin color
• Hydrates the skin and locks in moisture
• Boosts natural collagen production
• Reduces and prevents the appearance of face wrinkles and fine lines


Why use Ultimate Lift Face Cream

• Boosts natural collagen production of the skin
• Provide youthful glow, tightness, firming and immediate lifting sensation by the power of frankincense essential oil
• Reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines
• Stimulate cellular regeneration, illuminates and brightens the skin
• Deeply hydrates and leaves the skin silky and smooth


Why use Ultimate Lift Intensive Eye Contour Cream

• Lifts and tightens the skin by the power of frankincense essential oil
• Brightens eye contour and reduce dark circles and puffiness.
• Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines,
• Stimulates blood circulation to promote healing and regeneration of the skin
• Leaves skin feeling silky and smooth


Why use Ultimate Lift Charcoal Face Mask

• Instantly lifts and tightens skin
• Reduce wrinkles appearance
• Prevents premature signs of aging
• Improves collegen production
• Absorbes impurities and unwanted toxins from the skin