Deluxe Eye Vibrating Roller (PINK QUARTZ)

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Our  Roll-On Eye Deluxe Vibrant in Rose Quartz works with sonic vibrations. Each vibration stimulates your skin a little more deeply and smoothes it without much effort on your part, it is twice as fast and easy to use. It is an ideal tool to effectively smooth the eye contour, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, it allows a better penetration of your care and the demultiplication of the latter for a radiant, smoothed and plumped up look.

The Rose Quartz, stone of softness, love and harmony. It accompanies during mourning and emotional wounds. It is also the stone of the Woman, recognized for millennia for its anti-aging virtues. It is a soothing, healing stone, ideal for mature or dry skin and helps fight against the first signs of aging.

المكونات الرئيسية

Our Eye Deluxe Vibrant Roll-on has up to 13,000 sonic vibrations per minute. Each vibration stimulates your skin a little more deeply without much effort on your part, it is twice as fast and easy to use as a simple massage tool because you just have to put it on the skin by exerting a medium pressure during the massage. It is a very effective roll-on for the eye contour and small areas of the face.

طريقة الاستخدام

Use 1-5 min on clean skin with a previously applied oil/serum or one of our eye patches.

Prepare your lymph glands by massaging them (at the base of the neck and at the level of the collarbones)

To turn on: Press 3 times in a row, hold the button down to change the level of vibration intensity, press 3 times to turn off.

1. start at the forehead, smoothing from the center outward, then upward, then at the frown line, using circular motions

2. Smooth along the brow line to sculpt.

3. To decongest the eye contour area, smooth from the inside to the outside, using light pressure, then with the eyes closed, smooth from the inside to the outside and circular movements from the inside to the outside.

4) Then, to plump up the nasolabial folds, massage from the bottom to the top with small circular and smoothing movements.

5. For the lips, start from the center and smooth outwards.