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علاجات الوجه (60 دقيقة)

علاجات الوجه (60 دقيقة)

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شامل الضريبة

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Key Ingredients

  • Rescue Treatment: AED 300.00
    Designed to make you forget the world on the outside
    while we pamper you! This gentle, yet effective treatment
    pampers, as well as reduces and calms inflamed skin.
    Aloe Vera, Black Oat and Trehalose will put an end to skin
    stress by calming, healing, and locking in moisture. With a
    relaxed environment and music, muscle relaxing face, neck
    and hand massage mixed with aroma therapy to ensure
    complete relaxation! (60 minutes)
  • Acne Saviour: AED 300.00
    Slow down the over production of sebum and calm down
    redness and inflammation in your skin with our Acne Saviour
    treatment. A technical and intense Acne clarifying treatment
    teamed with a combination of ingredients such as Tea tree
    and Sulfur thoroughly cleanse the skin to unblock follicles,
    eliminate bacteria and purify skin cells. (60 minutes)
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