Revitalize and Nourish: Ixora's Cosmos Organic Intensive Phyto Conditioner

Revitalize and Nourish: Ixora's Cosmos Organic Intensive Phyto Conditioner

Unleash the power of nature with Ixora's Intensive Phyto Conditioner – a luxurious blend of Black Oats, Jojoba, and Moroccan Argan Oil. This Cosmos Organic certified conditioner not only moisturizes and repairs hair breakage but also provides the essential nourishment for soft, healthy, and beautifully textured hair. Embrace the goodness of organic ingredients without compromise – Ixora is your hair's ultimate companion.



Ixora's Intensive Phyto Conditioner is the result of years of scientific research, offering an effective blend of Wheat Protein, Black Oats, Jojoba oil, and Argan Oil. This unique formulation addresses the challenge of hair breakage while providing the necessary moisture for a soft and healthy texture. Unlike traditional conditioners containing harmful silicones, Ixora's conditioner is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring long-term hair health without compromising on the silky smooth finish.


Key Features:

Moisturizes and Repairs Hair Breakage:

The conditioner deeply moisturizes hair and aids in the repair of breakage, promoting stronger, healthier strands.


Soft and Healthy Texture:

Experience the transformative effects of Black Oats, Jojoba, and Argan Oil, leaving your hair with a soft and healthy texture.


Cuticle Layer Lock:

The conditioner closes the cuticle layer, sealing in essential hair oils for added protection and nourishment.


Formulated from Fully Organic Ingredients:

Enjoy the benefits of a conditioner crafted from fully organic ingredients, ensuring a natural and sustainable hair care routine.


Cosmos Organic Certified:

Certified by Cosmos Organic, Ixora's conditioner upholds the highest standards of organic certification for a conscientious hair care experience.




Argan Oil


Black Oats Extract

Jojoba Oil

Aloe Vera

Geranium Rose Essential Oil

Free From:

Sulfates, synthetic perfumes, GMO, parabens, silicones, paraffin, synthetic coloring, petroleum jelly, petroleum oil, and 1,500 other chemical ingredients.


Direction of Use:

Apply a generous amount to wet hair, focusing on the ends. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water to unveil the natural beauty and health of your hair. Elevate your hair care routine with Ixora's Intensive Phyto Conditioner, and let nature reveal your hair's true potential.

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