Ixora Intensive Phyto Hair Mask: Rejuvenate Your Hair Naturally

Ixora Intensive Phyto Hair Mask: Rejuvenate Your Hair Naturally

Transform your hair care routine with Ixora's Intensive Phyto Hair Mask – a concentrated elixir enriched with the nourishing power of Argan oil and pomegranate. Designed to strengthen and repair damaged strands, prevent premature gray hair, and leave your hair strong, shiny, and silky, this Cosmos Organic certified hair mask is a luxurious treat for your locks.



Ixora's Intensive Phyto Hair Mask is a potent solution crafted to deeply hydrate, repair, and protect your hair. Infused with natural antioxidants like pomegranate seed oil, avocado oil, and Moroccan argan oil, this mask works to prevent premature gray hair and reverse damage caused by factors such as poor diet, heat styling, and frequent use of styling tools.


Key Benefits:

Deeply Hydrate and Prevent Hair Breakage:

The concentrated formula of the hair mask deeply hydrates, preventing breakage and leaving your hair feeling nourished and revitalized.


Prevent Premature Gray Hair Naturally:

Pomegranate seed oil and other natural antioxidants work together to prevent premature gray hair, providing a natural and effective solution for vibrant and youthful-looking locks.


Repairs Damaged Hair by Regenerating the Hair Cuticle Layer:

Moroccan argan oil and avocado oil contribute to repairing damaged hair by regenerating the hair cuticle layer, promoting healthier and more resilient strands.


Protects Hair from Future Damages by Heat:

Shield your hair from future damage caused by heat styling tools. The hair mask forms a protective barrier, ensuring your locks stay strong and resilient.


Makes Hair Strong, Shiny, and Silky:

Experience the transformative effects as your hair becomes stronger, shinier, and silkier with each use of Ixora's Intensive Phyto Hair Mask.



Ixora's hair mask features a powerful blend of natural and organic ingredients, including Pomegranate Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil, Trehalose, Avena Strigose Seed Extract, Monoï de Tahiti A.O. Brut Toco, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, and Geranium Rose Essential Oil.


Free From:

Ixora takes pride in formulating the hair mask without sulfates, synthetic perfumes, GMO, parabens, silicons, paraffin, synthetic coloring, petroleum jelly, petroleum oil, and over 1,500 other harmful chemical ingredients.


Direction of Use:

Apply a generous amount of the Intensive Phyto Hair Mask to clean, towel-dried hair, from scalp to ends. Comb through evenly to distribute the mask. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Incorporate this luxurious treatment into your routine once a week for irresistibly soft and silky hair.



Revitalize your hair naturally with Ixora's Intensive Phyto Hair Mask. Pamper your locks with the nourishing benefits of Argan oil and pomegranate, and experience the luxury of strong, shiny, and silky hair. Embrace the commitment to organic, sulfate-free, and silicone-free hair care for a vibrant and healthy mane.

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